Friday, 27 October 2017

Black Powder

Wednesday 25th January 2017

Only played one game of Black Powder (non campaign) game in the last 10 months.

It was a pointed game, and the French came out winners. It helped with blunders that put a British gun out in the middle of the battlefield all alone.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Been a busy 10 months and no update, so back to regular update (hopefully).

WH 40K

Played 4 various games of 40k over the last several months.

Game 1 - 12th Feb, 2017
Adam - Space Marine, Me - Grey Knight & Eldar 
Vs Mark - Necron, Space Marine, Imperial Knight

Seem to remember to out come as a  draw, and as usual the Imperial Knights were hard to kill.

Game 2 - 4th June, 2017
Adam - Ork, Mark - Imperial Knight & Eldar 
Vs Me - Grey Knight & Assassins

 This time is was the Ork Stompa that was the hardest to kill, with the kill shot going to the Vindicare Assassin. Grey Knights just won thanks to avoiding the Imperial Knight.

Game 3 - 2nd July, 2017
Adam - Ork, Space Marine, Me - Grey Knight & Imperial Guard 
Vs Mark - Space Marine & Tyranids, Sam - Dark Angel

Quite an easy points win for Adam and me, with the Ork Stompa making short work of 2 Predators among other things. Glad Stompa on my side this time.

Game 4 - 30th August, 2017
Me - Grey Knight
Vs Mark - Space Marine

First game with the new 8th edition. Was a close game with the Grey Knights coming out on top

Friday, 3 March 2017

Catching up on photo editing, and my posts.

Back in December we attended our last show of the year. Due to my having to work, we couldn't go to our traditional last show , Worlds in Derby, October. instead we waited until December and went to Recon in Pudsey.

3rd December 2016, Recon Show, Pudsey

We last attended this show 2 years ago, and had a good time, playing plenty of games.

So we were happy to once again make the journey over the Pennines to Pudsey near Leeds.

However, unfortunately, this year was not as good.
Like last time there were not many traders we use, but were expecting this, We were happy to see Lesleys bits box for our WH40K needs and pick up a per-ordered KR Multicase. Always a good friendly service there and we spend at every show.
For me Warlord Games missing from 2 years ago was a disappointment as I'd just started collecting for Chain of Command and wanted to pick up some figures for a new project. Luckily I did find some elsewhere.
We also wanted to look at the new Doctor Who range, here a new stand - Mighty Lancer Games who had some sets and both Adam and myself picked up a Doctor and companions pack.

Games were described as mostly participation, only a few seemed to be.
Of note, we played an excellent game of Witch Racing in the setting of Disc World.

We liked this game and managed 2 games during the day, we would have played this twice even if we could have joined in any others.

Two games that were 'let downs' were located on the stage. One seemed to be a teddy bear wild west game. The organizers were just setting up a game and we were asked did we want to play. we said yes and hung around, only for them to set up the game and begin to play among themselves. We went back there several times and it always seemed to be them playing, rather than any members of the public.

Also on the stage was a 'Dads army Game' advertised as partticipation, we were just ignored at this one, even though no game was being played.

There were some nice demo game both upstairs and down.

 Finally a note on the B & B.
Never seen it done like the way it was before, it was a bit chaotic and labeling of items was just written on, using a single number per box of items, rather than a number per item as elsewhere, when items are spread out rather than just left in the boxes to be rummaged through, like here.
This was run by a third party.

To be honest, we all decided not a show we would attend again.